Orateurs invités

Prof. Bruno Quoitin

Université de Mons, Belgique

Exposé : automates d’arbre pour les politiques de routage BGP

Bio : Bruno Quoitin is an assistant professor at University of Mons (UMons) in Belgium. His main research interests are in computer networking and embedded systems. He works on the design and analysis of the Internet Routing Architecture, especially on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), one of its core components.

Page pro : http://informatique.umons.ac.be/staff/Quoitin.Bruno/

Dr. Adrian Kosowski

INRIA Paris – Rocquencourt

Exposé : How to patrol your network with a team of agents?

In this talk we look at some basic computational problems for teams of simple autonomous entities, known as « mobile agents » or « robots », which move around the nodes of the network. We focus on problems in which the agents’ task is related to the discovery of the network topology and involves regular visits to the nodes of the network. Such topics have been studied in different areas of research, including distributed computing theory, network search theory, and foundations of robotics. We provide an overview of some recent advances in these areas, considering different algorithms for organizing or self-organizing a team of agents, and focusing on trade-offs between the size of the team and the efficiency of the obtained solution.

Bio : Adrian Kosowski is an INRIA researcher.  His main research interests are graph algorithms, dynamic systems, and multi-party quantum information.

Page pro : http://www.labri.fr/perso/kosowski/